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Newberg High School Faculty and Staff Directory

Who do I call...


To change my student's schedule or small school?
Contact your student's counselor.

If my student is absent?
Call or send a note to the school office prior to or within 48 hours of the absense.

If my student's teacher doesn't return my calls or e-mails?
Please contact the school principal.

To find out if there is a change in time or location of athletic events?
Call the NHS Sports Hotline at 503-554-5200 or check the online high school sports schedule at

To find help if I think my student is using drugs?
Local resources for prevention and intervention are on the link below.

To learn deadlines for college scholarships, applications and SAT/ACT dates?
Check the NHS calendar, Opportunity Center, SAT or ACT websites or contact the school counselor.

To volunteer?
Contact the school office for volunteer opportunities.

If my student if having a problem at school (bullying, harassment)?
Students should discuss the matter with their counselor and work to mediate the situation before addressing the issue with their small school advisor.

If I need to get a message to my student?
If you must get an urgent message to your student, call the small school office. Please refrain from calls other than emergencies.